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We believe that MarTech is either too expensive or too complicated. There are far too many businesses who either can’t afford to, don’t have time to, or don’t know how to make use of the full potential of marketing technology. So we want to lower that barrier!

By doing so, we believe we will enable the best messages to spread and compete, rather than the ones backed by companies with the most resources.

We will be taking steps to achieve this goal, by offering the set of products and services to our clients.
Read our story and why we launched FunnelBud GO here.

FunnelBud GO features

Anonymous Visitors

See who's visited your page without filling in a form or downloading an assets. Use re-targeting ads and pop-ups to help them convert

Recreating integrations and workflows

All integrations and workflows will be possible to re-create in FunnelBud Go, in this video we'll give you an overview.

Email builder

FunnelBud Go has an easy to navigate email builder with all the functions you'll need.

Form builder

You can create your own forms in FunnelBud Go and it's easy. We'll show you how.

Creating lists and segments

You can create both static and automatic lists in FunnelBud Go.

Target industries

Public sector

GDPR, security, multi-lingual, self-ownership (don't rent your business critical data and processes from a SaaS vendor who might disappear, get purchased, or do with your data what they wish). Multi-lingual is especially good for Municipalicies and local authorities who need to communicate in local languages with residents.


Reduce a business-critical risk by avoiding dependency on a SaaS vendor - own both your data and processes, forever. Multi-lingual email communication without the need to send out different emails to different lists, or in automations. Custom adaptations and additional features tailor-made for you. Custom-built integrations so you can get a central hub for all your client marketing data. Personal consultant and team included, with proactive project management and account management, helping you build an enterprise solution that scales with you (not just tech support).


Quick-to-start, low-cost, immediately beneficial features that helps SMEs get a centralized marketing platform that improves conversion, provides sales data into your CRM, centralizes your marketing processes, and automates your key marketing processes such as nurturing clients and communicating with various segments. Value based pricing model available to start easy and pay only for the value generated, at your own pace. Turn-key onboarding, features implementation, and standard implementations based on best practices that help you get started immediately.

Privacy-conscious scale-ups

Any business that needs an advanced, future-proof, easy to use, and powerful all-in-one marketing solution that can scale with you, but without the risks of a third party handling your data in ways you or your clients don't approve of. Remove endless hours of talks or emailing with your clients' lawyers just to get the approval to make the deal! Just say: "We own our marketing solution and the data, and no data ever leaves Europe". Remove the headache immediately!


Why is FunnelBud launching a new solution?

FunnelBud’s purpose is to make the fruits of Marketing Technology accessible to businesses worldwide and help them use it to succeed.

To fulfil our mission, we need to be able to offer the best solution for your needs. One solution for all doesn’t cut it any more.

In fact, we have been wanting to launch FunnelBud Go for quite some time.

Recent changes have opened up market opportunities to do so. And our clients’ successes have made it possible for us to start doing this now. We’re at the size where we can do this, fuelled 100% by organic growth, without losing our expertise in either solution. This means we can start providing even better solutions to you now.

What is FunnelBud Go?

FunnelBud Go is a complete Marketing Automation platform. It fits clients who already have a CRM, want a similar but slightly different set of marketing features, better integrations, and a solution hosted in Europe (including Sweden!)

Is it a proven solution?


FunnelBud Go is based on the open and popular solution Mautic, which is used by 200,000 customers worldwide. These customers include European banks and public sector organizations who value security, transparency and flexibility, as well as many SMEs.

We have started testing it with several clients already, with very satisfactory results. One of them told us if they would select a solution today, they’d select this from the get-go because it fits them better, and in some aspects feels more “logical” (for example in how the automations work, or how lists are built).

How does it compare? Who does it fit?

FunnelBud Go is a Marketing Automation solution and is designed to work with a CRM you already have.

Therefore, it may be a better fit for companies who already have a CRM. There are a lot of pre-built integrations (Dynamics, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and a lot more). If there isn’t, FunnelBud is experienced in building complete bi-directional CRM integrations from scratch. FunnelBud Go lends itself better for this because it’s designed for just that!

It’s also probably in our opinion the best solution fully hosted in Europe!

Some of the features it improves on:

Email builder (more reliable, even easier to work with)
Dynamic content (more logical)
List building (easier to understand)
Some of the new features:

Reverse IP company lookup (see which companies visit your website even if they don’t submit a form)!
Conversion popups or offers on the website based on visitor behavior to improve conversions (even if the person visiting isn't a lead today!)
Native SMS marketing! (This is possible in FunnelBud Pro too, but it is not native and needs us to integrate it for you.)
Video conversions (show X seconds of a video, then a form layers over and video continues if it is submitted)! This can increase conversions a lot!
Some areas where it lacks:

The landing page builder is good but not quite as intuitive. But FunnelBud’s help to build amazing templates is included as usual, so this should not be a problem for most clients.
It lacks Chatbot (possible to integrate 3rd party and FunnelBud’s help to do so is included), Meetings (possible to integrate and FunnelBud’s help to do so is included), retargeting (third party platforms can easily be used for this and tracked), and Social Posting (third party platforms can be used for this and tracked).

And of course, it lacks CRM related features (pipelines, opportunities, etc.) because it’s a more focused Marketing solution and is meant to integrate with an existing CRM that you may have.

Finally, it will cost $50 less than what you’re paying today! All of FunnelBud’s services are still included, just like today!

What will happen with the current solution?

We will support both solutions! The current solution’s name will be changed to “FunnelBud Pro” and it will be our flagship solution for those who want both Marketing Automation and CRM in one.

Meanwhile, FunnelBud Go will be our flagship offering for clients who already have a CRM, or want a fully European solution. It will also be a good entry point for many clients who want to have a lower entry because not having a built-in CRM makes it possible to have a lower cost.

If we decide to switch, what will it mean for us?

It will not affect you in any way, other than one day, you’ll log in and see a different interface!

In other words, FunnelBud will manage everything for you. Your templates, your data, your forms, your lists, your automations, and everything else. Then we’ll train you in how to continue doing your work, just like today, but in the new solution.

You’ll get the option to have both solutions in parallel for a while and run some test campaigns until you’re fully comfortable with the new one.

When you decide to close down, your cost will be lowered by $50/m.

What do you require from us in order to do this?

Switching the solution and re-training you will take quite some time from us. So the only thing we ask is that you have the intention of using the solution for the reasonable foreseeable solution.

Since you’ll have the possibility to test it for a time in parallel before finalizing the switch, you can feel safe knowing that it works as promised. We can also show you demos if you have the intention of switching.

Please note that we are only offering this to a few selected clients at the moment. If you’re interested, have questions, or discuss to see what it would mean for you, please submit the form below and we’ll get in touch!

What is FunnelBud’s overall roadmap and vision?

We exist because we believe MarTech can be a powerful positive force for change, helping more businesses get their message across. To do this, we need to be able to offer the best solution for different needs.

We have been looking at alterantive solutions for a long time. This will be our first fully supported alternative to today's solution, and we will be offering it side-by-side, depending on your needs.

Over time, we are intending to grow our portfolio with more solutions, both niche and complete solutions, as well as develop our own features and customizations.

Our ultimate goal is stated in our overall purpose: "To make the fruits of Marketing Technology accessible to businesses worldwide and help them use it to succeed."

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FunnelBud’s purpose is to make the fruits of Marketing Technology accessible to businesses worldwide and help them use it to succeed.